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Cajun Macaroni Salad

1 C Dry macaroni
1/3 C (in total) Onion, Celery, Green Peppers, diced
1tsp Oil
1/8tsp + 1/4tsp Cayenne pepper
1/8tsp + 1/8tsp each of Black pepper and White pepper
1/8tsp + 1/2tsp Garlic powder
1tsp Salt
1/8tsp Habanero sauce
1/2C Mayonnaise
1tsp Yellow mustard
1tsp Dijon mustard
1tsp Worcestershire sauce
2t Vinegar (red or white, prefer white)
1T Reserved starch water from cooking macaroni

Combine salt, habanero, mayo, both mustards, worcestershire, 1/4tsp cayenne, 1/8tsp of black and white peppers, 1/2tsp garlic, and the vinegar. Let sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour, to allow flavors to blend.

Cook macaroni in salted water, reserve 1T water, and let cool.

Heat oil and add onion, celery, green peppers and the remaining cayenne, black pepper, white pepper, and also the garlic powder. Cook until soft.

Add the 1T starch water to the dressing mixture, and whisk in. Add the cooled vegetables. Stir in the macaroni.



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J.c. Johnson
Apr. 20th, 2014 12:48 am (UTC)
Macaroni Salad
This was a great recipe. A little rich, but very addictive.
Apr. 22nd, 2014 02:47 am (UTC)
Re: Macaroni Salad
Glad you enjoyed it!
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