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Kat's Kitchen

Share your recipes!

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kats_kitchen is a cooking community. We welcome all kinds of food - breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy, unhealthy, elaborate, simple, meaty, vegetarian. This is a place to share the yummy things you make in your kitchen.

There's just a few rules:
  1. Please only post food you have made, and please include the recipe for it, either the text, or a link to where we can find it.
  2. Photos are more than welcome, but if you have more than one, please post them behind a cut.
  3. It's OK to comment saying that you tried a recipe and didn't like it for whatever reason. It's not OK to ridicule someone's food or diet choices. Play nicely.
  4. Please tag your entries for easy reference.

    Any questions, suggestions, or problems, please email xx_kitty_kat_xx at at the above address or send a message through LJ.

    Have fun!